Class Notes for 4/24/07

April 24, 2007

Today Mike and Zac gave their presentation on “The Ethics of Blogging.” They covered topics such as basic blogging ethics, “the blogger’s code,” linking etiquette, and a list of do’s and don’ts for corporate blogging. If you want to find out more about blogging ethics, you can visit:

We then broke into groups and worked with partners to talk about how we could make our Profile assignments stronger. We discussed our ideas and then looked for an internet profile that we considered strong. Each group then posted a blog that discussed the ideas we came up with and a link to the profile we found.  We worked on this for about half an hour and then moved on.

We then came together and discussed as a class the profiles we found.  Here are some of the qualities we thought a good profile would posess:

-should have an aim or a goal, but should be informative rather than persuassive

-use short questions when interviewing; don’t ask two questions at once

-provide a complete picture; make it relatable

-a good introduction is vital and can be personable and compelling

-keep the focus on the person being profiled

Marcia then gave us the last 20 minutes of class to work on our web portfolios or on our report.  The rough draft for the report assignment is due Thursday; everyone should bring both an electronic and hard copy to class.

Class Notes 3/13/2007

April 24, 2007

Today in class we had a workshop day on our portfolios! Feel free to post some ideas, troubles, or samples of your portfolio.  No homework assignment due for next week.

Email for new dress

April 24, 2007

Hi happy people of the bookstore. In an attempt to create a more professional atmosphere the management has decided to create a more conservative dress code. However, employee input is desired and welcome. We will have a meeting in one week in which we will give the new rules, have a fashion show, and allow for employee input. Come with an empty stomach because we will provide food from the Hon-Kong Restaurant.

Read my podcast post!

April 24, 2007

If you guys want to hear what I thought about the podcast check it out at

MikeyT Profile Tips

April 24, 2007

When creating your own webprofile here are some helpful tips to remember.

1). Professionalism: make sure all of your links work, and everything is punctuated and spelled correctly.

2). Individuality: Your profile should be a reflection of you. Characterize it to fit your unique personality. This would include the layout and information given on the profile.

3). Content: A profile should provide an employer with all the information they may want when looking for a potential employee. Ex. resume, cover letter, examples of writing, awards, pictures, hobbies, interests, professional writings, letters of rec, and anything else you think an employee may want to know about you.

4). Uniformity: your blog should be consistent in all aspects. This point closely relates to professionalism, but it is more critical than general. What I mean is that, if I link to another site to view some information, then you may want to consider using the same color scheme, border, and shading. Little things like this make the profile unique.

Check out some links of some profiles I think are pretty good. Let me know what you think!

Diversified Search: Ray and Berndston

Professional Profiles makes profiles for businesses. Check out some of their work.

A lady with cancers captivating methods SHOCK AND AWE

April 24, 2007

Patti Branowicki is a cancer patient, she used her profile to draw attention to her cause. She uses a moving story at the begining of her page to grab the readers attention. I found this to be a very good example of how to get some one to read your profile. It is kind of like the United States “shock and awe” tactics used terrify the Iraqi army into submission. I think the most important part of a profile is the first page. Shock and Awe the reader into to submission, and make them read about your boreing self.

profile tips (alyssa, mo)

April 24, 2007

When profiling a person there are some important things to consider
1. be curious be very interested in how your person works
2. ask alot of questions to get more detail
3. ask a short question at a time, so they don’t get lost in the questions
4. Never loose site of the story you are creating. Have a point to the questions you are asking.
5. Dont be to intrustive but dont be too diferential.


The tips that we seemed to came up with on our own, when actually writing the profile is that its imporant to have the background infomation of the person. This gives the reader a chance to know what and who you are talking about. Next to make sure you quote the questions and answers so that the information can be shown that it is true and give concrete examples for what the person says.

Over all the most important thing we found in looking at how to write effective profiles is to ask important questions, ask questions that the person will be excited to answer and will give you more infomation, that way you can write your profile with good concrete information and it will be interesting to the reader.