Class Notes for February 27th

February 27, 2007
  1. There is no class this Thursday, February 29th.
  2. Homework for next Tuesday: Read introduction and first three chapters in the Naked Confessions book and be prepared for discussion in class.
  3. REMINDER: By Friday at 5, make sure to turn in manilla folder including the following:
    •   Your designed resume
    •   Your final cover letter    
    •   Your final thank you note    
    •   Your rough drafts (mark them at the top DRAFT)
    •   Attach copies of peer reviews
    •   Any writing lab tutor forms
    •   A memo to the teacher with any feedback you may have on unit
    •   A copy of the job posting
  4. Remember to add your logo to the cover letter and the thank you note.
  5. We learned how to insert our logos into a word document:
    •  In Word, click on “Insert” –> “Picture” –> “From File”
    • Click to the right of the logo and hold down the shift key
    • Use arrows to make the logo smaller
  6. Finally we devised lists to access our three different works.  These lists will serve as grading criteria for our resume, cover letter, and thank you note.  You can view this document by clicking the “Career Documents Peer Review” blog from today.
  7. For additional help for writing your resume go to the O*NET web site at:  From here, go to “Find Occupations” and find the job you are applying for.  This web site will show you the skills associated with the job.  Incorporate these skills somehow into your resume where they apply.

Career Documents Peer Review

February 27, 2007

Here is the peer review sheet.

Class Notes for Thursday, February 22

February 23, 2007

Today we worked on creating the logos consisting of our initials that we had sketched as an assignment.  We learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and manipulate the letters by rotating them, layering them, and stretching them.  Some helpful things that we learned were that the white pointer allows you to select and modify text individually, the pen tool allows you to create or pick points on a line and manipulate it, and the add layer button allows you to place different objects on top of each other (making it possible to put shapes or backgrounds behind the text).  We also saved the logos in our Bengal space and learned how to make them accessible through the internet by selecting “Save for Web.”  We will use these logos to make our cover letters and thank you letters more professional and unique.

Class Notes for February 20, 2007

February 21, 2007

Today was more of an informal  work day. We worked on our cover letters and resumes.

 We also peer reviewed other people’s work.

One point was made about using words that were in the job description in your resume so it looked more oriented toward that particular job and not like a general purpose resume.

 We talked about how to upload something to your bengal space and then how to link to that on your blog.

    -Place your document on bengal space with a campus computer.

    -Put this link on your blog: 


Here are some links I found helpful:

Class Notes Thursday, February 14

February 15, 2007

-We submitted the resume line items to the digital dropbox on Blackboard.

-The class time was spent on working to improve line items on resumes

-Several students volunteered to write their line items on the board, and the class gave suggestions of how to improve them

– Suggestions included:
– List the skills you gained first, then explain the activities which helped you gain those skills
– Explain what exactly you did
– Start the line items with signal verbs such as: gained, managed, operated, aquired, etc.

-Assignment for Tuesday: Work on formating of your resume
-Keep 4 things in mind when working on your resume:
– Contrast
– Repitition
– Alignment
– Proximity

Here is a link to a website that will give you tips on how to format your resume: Resume Tips

Class Notes February 13

February 13, 2007

We talked about cover letters.

Here are some of the points we mentioned in class:
-include name, contact information
-fairly creative, not boring, not super formal (talk about self similar to tone you’d use in interview)
-talk like you’re talking to your grandmother
-unique qualities
-anecdote (short example/story of quality)
-call to action at end
-show some of your personality
-tailor cover letter to each company

We also reviewed cover letter and offered comments.

If you weren’t in class, please submit your cover letter to the online writery or make an appointment to talk with a writing tutor face-to-face.

Notes for February 8, 2007

February 13, 2007

1. Mentioned was absences, some people have 2 already and with 4 you can be dropped from the class

2. If you weren’t in class on Tuesday or didn’t have your SAR done, go to the on-line writery or the writing center to get help revising your SAR. if you go to the on-line writery forward your revisions on to Marcia and if you go the writing center turn in your revisions to her office in Tate, its in the basement.

3. Sunday at 5- need to have everything turned in by then. All the SARS and blog posts (there is only 2 blog posts)

4. The Pod cast- there is a copy on black board, or you can listen at any computer on campus and you can borrow headphones at the library if you don’t have any.

5. Schedule of Unite 2 is posted!

6. Talked about Pod Cast- who manages your career?

7. Job search sites

consider jobs that you are qualified for now or that you will be qualified when you graduate with your bachelors.

post the jobs on your blog, atleast 2-3 of them and have some discussion to follow them- paste the link into the name of number of the job

i.e. write “first job” with these words paste in your url for the job that you found, so that the person that is looking at your blog can click on “first job” and go to the webite that has that job.