March 20, 2007

Today Alyssa and Mo gave their presentation over “efficient e-mailing”. Mostly, this presentation was over e-mail etiquette. I found the following website was a good follow up their speech.

Also, the deadline to turn in our web-profile has changed. The new deadline is this Saturday at midnight. Check the professor’s newest blog for details on how to submit it.

There will be no class this Thursday.

Send me an email

March 20, 2007

Below is the list of items we put together in class that you need to include in your email to me. Send me your email by Saturday at midnight.


  1. the URL to your website*
  2. any questions you have
  3. any specific feedback you want on your site
  4. any challenges you’re having
  5. what is unfinished and what you’re working on next
  6. send me your availability for a Tuesday or Thursday late afternoon or evening workshop (if you want some more help)
  7. any other feedback you have

*Your URL will look something like:

(note 1: if your homepage has another name than index.html or index.htm, you will need to add that file name after last slash in the URL above.)

(note 2: I suggest that you send your URL to a roommate or friend first and have them check all your links before you send me your URL. If I can’t get to your site and all of your pages, I can’t give you any feedback.)

Remember, no class on Thursday. But, do write your blog posts and have them done, at the lastest, by Saturday at midnight.

Have a great Spring Break!

Class Notes: 3/15

March 15, 2007

Today in class Kristen B and Jessica gave a presentation on interviewing and gave each person a handout on the keypoints of having a successful interview.  The overall theme of the presentation was preparation, presentation and perception, which can be seen in greater detail in their handout and powerpoint.  After their presentation the class was dedicated to working on the individual websites.

 For those still struggling with their websites I found this site called The Bare Bones Guide to HTML very helpful.  It provides links to various sites that can help you with anything from color selection to style to coding. 

 By: Kristen Reynolds

Class Notes for March 8, 2007

March 8, 2007

At the beginning of class we discussed the keypoints that make a good presentation. For instance, some of the ideas that were brought up were: To incorporate humor in your presentation, to prepare and practice beforehand, to captivate your audience. These are the main factors that will help you be successful while you are presenting. We also had talked about our own presentations that we will be giving. There is a sign up sheet that gives all of the available dates that you are to sign up for with a partner. There is a rubric for the presentation that explains all of the details that your presentation should entail, however, Professor Hansen did mention a few significant points about the project. The presentation should be 15 minutes on the specific date you have chosen. The topics may vary however, we were given many choices: Bloggers in a particular industry, podcasting, writing in a team environment, the writing process at work, particular types of documents, processing and managing e-mail, integrating visuals into presenation. These are just some of the many topics you may choose from when you are ready to begin the assignment. This presentation will allow you to research and study on a topic that you personally would like to focus on more. It is mandatory to prepare a handout for the class, but you also may choose to create slides as well. A description of what the handout should contain is listed on the class blog under class schedule. In addition to the presentation, Professor Hansen also went over the web portfolio. The first draft is due March 22nd, that way when your assignments are returned to you, you will get feedback in order to help you to revise your portfolio. There is also a rubric for the web portfolio that explains what it should have. We also were shown examples of web pages and made our own examples of some on dreamweaver. Finally, for the remainder of the class, we were able to practice making web pages.

By: Maggie Beltz

Class Notes – 3/6/07

March 6, 2007

Class Notes

Class time given to discuss the following questions:
1. How is blogging transforming the way businesses and customers communicate?
•    Create a more human relationship with a company
•    Question – how do you know you are actually talking with someone specific in a company? (say the CEO is claiming to be blogging, could it just be someone hired to write for him)
o    You simply have to recognize the voice of the author. Sometimes this wont be possible, it just depends on how well the blog is done.
2. Why should businesses blog?
•    Advertising – provides a cheap and effective means to spread the word of your company
•    You can recruit new hires through the blog
•    You can develop expertise about a specific business by using a blog
•    “Deuced” – refers to getting fired for blogging
3. How is blogging different than the other types of writing you’ve done thus far this semester?
•    Writing tends to be more condensed
•    Look for SAR writing in blogs

Pick a blog from the back of Naked Conversations, read it and then write a bit about it on your personal blog – done in class

Use of dreamweaver – Instructions given on the creation and publication of a basic webpage.