New Dress Code (Cindy & Sarah)

Dear valued employees,

After careful consideration, we have decided to improve the image of the bookstore.  The reasoning behind this new movement is create a more professional atmosphere that will appeal to a broader customer base.

Two main changes will be implemented Monday of next week.

1. Khaki pants must be worn at all times. (no jeans)

2. Simple stud earrings are now the only type of earrings allowed to wear. (No dangling earrings)

These simple changes will hopefully have a positive impact on the bookstore overall. We appreciate your cooperation with these changes.  If you have any feedback, please let us know.


the big dogs


4 Responses to New Dress Code (Cindy & Sarah)

  1. pdrvx4 says:

    Nice and simple. Maybe give contact information with any concerns.

  2. mikeyt says:

    I am pissed as an employee. I think we need an office meeting where employees can at least give input. p.s. i’m just role playing

  3. jjctfc says:

    This email is very simple and to the point. We would take kindly to this e-mail. This email, however, doesn’t cover the other implementations we talked about.

  4. shafty says:

    Nice and easy to follow good job.

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