Class Notes for 4/24/07

Today Mike and Zac gave their presentation on “The Ethics of Blogging.” They covered topics such as basic blogging ethics, “the blogger’s code,” linking etiquette, and a list of do’s and don’ts for corporate blogging. If you want to find out more about blogging ethics, you can visit:

We then broke into groups and worked with partners to talk about how we could make our Profile assignments stronger. We discussed our ideas and then looked for an internet profile that we considered strong. Each group then posted a blog that discussed the ideas we came up with and a link to the profile we found.  We worked on this for about half an hour and then moved on.

We then came together and discussed as a class the profiles we found.  Here are some of the qualities we thought a good profile would posess:

-should have an aim or a goal, but should be informative rather than persuassive

-use short questions when interviewing; don’t ask two questions at once

-provide a complete picture; make it relatable

-a good introduction is vital and can be personable and compelling

-keep the focus on the person being profiled

Marcia then gave us the last 20 minutes of class to work on our web portfolios or on our report.  The rough draft for the report assignment is due Thursday; everyone should bring both an electronic and hard copy to class.


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