profile tips (alyssa, mo)

When profiling a person there are some important things to consider
1. be curious be very interested in how your person works
2. ask alot of questions to get more detail
3. ask a short question at a time, so they don’t get lost in the questions
4. Never loose site of the story you are creating. Have a point to the questions you are asking.
5. Dont be to intrustive but dont be too diferential.


The tips that we seemed to came up with on our own, when actually writing the profile is that its imporant to have the background infomation of the person. This gives the reader a chance to know what and who you are talking about. Next to make sure you quote the questions and answers so that the information can be shown that it is true and give concrete examples for what the person says.

Over all the most important thing we found in looking at how to write effective profiles is to ask important questions, ask questions that the person will be excited to answer and will give you more infomation, that way you can write your profile with good concrete information and it will be interesting to the reader.


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